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How the Jacksonians Killed the Bank

General Andrew Jackson, fresh off the election of 1828, assumes the office of the presidency, armed with a battle plan to bring down the institutions he blames for the corruption of the republic: America’s National Bank.

In this episode of Liberty vs. Power, Dr. Patrick Newman and Tho Bishop look at the Jacksonians’ embrace of executive power and their battle against Nicholas Biddle of the Second Bank of the United States.

Recommended Reading

“Bureaucracy and the Civil Service in the United States” by Murray Rothbard — Mises.org/LP9_A

“The War on Cash: Old and New” by Louis Rouanet — Mises.org/LP9_B

A Short History of Paper Money and Banking in the United States by William Gouge — Mises.org/LP9_C

The Jacksonian Persuasion: Politics and Belief by Marvin Meyers — Mises.org/LP9_D

Cronyism: Liberty versus Power in Early America, 1607–1849 by Patrick Newman — Mises.org/LP_Crony

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