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American Conquest and the Fall of the Jacksonians

In this episode of Liberty vs. Power, Dr. Patrick Newman and Tho Bishop look at the connection between the imperialism of the Jacksonians and the corruption of America as an “empire of liberty.” As manifest destiny — and the annexation of Texas — brings the United States to the Pacific Ocean, and the issue of slavery heightens sectional differences in Washington, the party of Jackson and Van Buren comes to embrace many of the same policies that it was created to tame.

Recommended Reading

“Shadow Imperialism: American Filibusters in Latin America” by Chris Calton — Mises.org/LP11_A

“The Folly of 1845: Texas and the Evils of Annexation” by Ryan McMaken — Mises.org/LP11_B

Cronyism: Liberty versus Power in Early America, 1607–1849 by Patrick Newman — Mises.org/LP_Crony

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