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Will AI Solve Scarcity?

A Google engineer is in hot water for claiming the company’s chatbot tech had become sentient. Meanwhile, Jerome Powell presumes to fight inflation technocratically, by raising the Fed Funds rate nearly a full percentage point. So is the engineer correct? Do technology and machine learning portend an end to scarcity and a solution to monetary policy? Jeff and Bob discuss. 

Google Engineer Blake Lemoine’s interview with LaMDA: Mises.org/HAP348-LaMDA
Charles Haywood’s on why AI is overblown: Mises.org/348-Haywood
Read ‘Yes, a Planned Economy Can Actually Work’ at Jacobin: Mises.org/348-Jacobin
Read Bureaucracy by Mises: Mises.org/Bureaucracy
Bob’s article on the Socialist Calculation Problem debate: Mises.org/348-Murphy
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