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With the acknowledged national debt now a politically and economically unpayable $30 trillion (in reality, its unfunded liabilities are far greater), Americans should start to become acclimated to the realities of the United States’ eventual, inevitable default. While it may seem unfathomable, and the results too

After more than a decade of chained stimulus packages and extremely low rates, with trillions of dollars of monetary stimulus fueling elevated asset valuations and incentivizing an enormous leveraged bet on risk, the idea of a controlled explosion or a “soft landing” is impossible. In an

Last year Congress officially declared Juneteenth a federal holiday. While Very Serious talking heads attempted desperately to convince those that would listen that Juneteenth was a long-celebrated American holiday, the reality is that it was largely unknown around the nation prior to congressional action. The episode is a

It's been a memorable spring for Ilya Shapiro. Mr. Shapiro, a longtime legal scholar and VP at the Cato Institute, was hired by Georgetown University Law Center at the beginning of 2022. In February he would join his well-known colleague Randy Barnett at the school's Center for the Constitution,

We are now well past the corona crisis of 2020, and most of the restrictions around the world have been repealed or loosened. However, the long-term consequences of arbitrary and destructive corona policies are still with us—in fact, we are now in the middle of

A Google engineer is in hot water for claiming the company's chatbot tech had become sentient. Meanwhile, Jerome Powell presumes to fight inflation technocratically, by raising the Fed Funds rate nearly a full percentage point. So is the engineer correct? Do technology and machine learning