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Our Graduates Need Books

With your support, the Mises Institute can send Mises U students home with a stack of Austrian classics such as Human ActionAmerica’s Great Depression, and Economics in One Lesson (see the full list below). After their week of destroying every preconceived, state-curriculum notion of how the world works, Mises U grads will have another month before they return to their college classes. Our graduates can continue to dive into their Austrian education before sitting in classrooms where Democratic Socialists of America are the norm and universal basic income is the hottest policy trend. We’re asking everyone who wishes Mises University had been available in their college days to give toward this year’s Mises U graduates’ libraries.

Mises U is the full package: the highly qualified students accepted into the program receive a week of lectures spanning all areas of Austrian thought, access to the top scholars of our time, and a network of liberty-focused peers, with a full scholarship for tuition, room, and board. Offering—and continuing—this priceless education is an unqualified success for those of us worried about a future dominated by a generation of entitled leftists.

Help us give students a deeper understanding of liberty. Please donate todayDuring Mises University, your name will be prominently displayed on the Honor Roll. Every donor of $10 or more gets a Mises University bumper sticker, and every donor of $100 or more gets a Mises University T-shirt!

Books each student will receive:

Human Action
Man, Economy, and State, with Power and Market
The Mystery of Banking
America’s Great Depression
Economics in One Lesson
Money, Bank Credit, and Economic Cycles
Fascism vs. Capitalism
Bastiat Collection
Principles of Economics

Plus the 2022 Mises University official T-shirt!

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