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The biggest uncertainty with libertarianism is not whether it is moral but whether it is achievable. Some form of libertarianism is what ought to be. Aggressive violence can’t be moral under any circumstances. The state is an institution that relies on aggressive violence for sustenance and

The leftist rag Mother Jones doesn’t like Blake Masters, the Republican nominee for the US Senate from Arizona. It’s no surprise that this magazine would oppose a conservative candidate, but according to the author of the piece, Noah Lanard, Masters is guilty of a terrible sin. “On Election

Competition between Primitive Communities and Its Results  As population began to outgrow the means of subsistence, which mankind had not yet learned to increase by artificial methods, primitive society was compelled to choose between the elimination of excess population, or the seizure of hunting grounds, or

“Follow the money.” This is a common watchword among those distrustful of the state. If you want to know what politicians or state institutions are really up to, the common wisdom goes, you have to stop listening to what statists do and say, and start

Monarchs created Europe's modern states but lost the ability to control them. Then, having grown beyond the tools that helped monarchs turn themselves into absolute rulers, "the state acquired a life of its own." Original Article: "How Monarchs Became Servants of the State" This Audio Mises Wire is generously