By now it should be perfectly clear that the most prominent Big Digital companies are not strictly private, for-profit companies. As I argued in Google Archipelago, they are also state apparatuses, or governmentalities, undertaking state functions, including censorship, propaganda, and surveillance. Katherine Boyle, “a general partner

American political, educational, and economic life is increasingly dominated by "experts." We should not be surprised that they fail most of the time. Original Article: "Relying on Experts: A Proven Path to Failure" This Audio Mises Wire is generously sponsored by Christopher Condon. 

[This article was written from London and published in Newsweek, June 2, 1947.] England's major economic troubles today seem not so much the result of its war losses, appalling as these were, as of its postwar policies. Temporary impoverishment was inevitable, but the postwar series of