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Jump-starting My Kid’s Education: Lessons Beyond the Classroom.

It is natural to feel nervous when our children begin a new journey, especially as they start school and embark on their academic journey. For most children, the transition from kindergarten to first grade is made with excitement as they look forward to expanding their knowledge and skills. But for parents of some children, such as those with learning disabilities or special needs, it can be a very difficult transition.

My daughter started first grade this fall, but unfortunately, she didn’t get to start on the first day. She was diagnosed with a rare form of dyslexia two years prior, and to prepare her for the first grade, she had to do a lot of work ahead of time. She had to work on her reading, writing, and basic math skills, as well as comprehension and phonics. All of this took a lot of extra time and dedication from both of us, and we had to come up with innovative ways to engage her in these skills.

For instance, we took everyday activities like baking and gardening and incorporated them as a way to practice math. We used simple manipulatives to help her with her reading skills and spent time reviewing and drilling phonics. As a family, we made learning a priority and we stayed up late to get the work done.

The hard work paid off in the end as she passed her first grade assessment with flying colors. But having her miss the first week of school still felt like a loss. She had missed out on the excitement and camaraderie of starting with all her classmates, and she was disappointed.

This experience changed the way I think about education and taught me the importance of both rigor and passion in the learning process. I realized that no matter your academic level, there are still so many lessons that can’t be measured on a test or taught in a classroom. Lessons like character, hard work, and resilience that can be just as important as the ones learned in school.

For my daughter, this was a valuable lesson that would have been missed if she had started school on the right day. This experience taught me that while staying on track academically is important, it is equally important to remember the intangible gifts our children bring to the table.

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