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IHOP Fights Slowing Sales with Nationwide Biscuits Menu Launch

IHOP, the popular breakfast chain, is rolling out a new infused biscuits menu available nationwide for the first time in the chain’s six-decade history. The move comes as part of the ramp up the chain’s fight against slowing sales as the company works to keep up with the competition in the breakfast market.

In order to create an attractive and mouth-watering menu capable of drawing customers, IHOP partnered with Chicago-based Chef Matthew island to invent over 50 unique biscuit recipes. The menu will feature savory and sweet combinations, featuring such flavors as stuffed bacon mac and cheese, tea-brined fried chicken, and strawberry-mint ricotta. IHOP customers will also be enticed by signature sandwiches like the Nana’s Maple Biscuit or the Hog Wild rib sliders. The chain is also introducing a make-your-own biscuit section, which allows customers to customize their biscuit creations based on their individual tastes.

IHOP hopes that the rolled-out biscuits menu will help increase customer traffic and spark new interest in the chain. The company is currently also looking to expand its delivery options and add more lunch and dinner items to its menu in order to accelerate sales growth. The chain is up against formidable competitors such as McDonalds, which recently announced its own line of breakfast biscuits. Despite the challenges, sales have been stronger than expected during its first few weeks, a sign that the biscuits menu may be helping to bolster IHOP’s sales. With high expectations ahead, the new biscuits menu could be a huge hit in the battle for breakfast sales.

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