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RVtoFreedom: Quitting Their Jobs & Selling the House to Tour the US as a Family of Four

It has become increasingly common for people to seek out a nontraditional life, leaving behind their jobs and the monotony of daily life. Ken and Kat May, from Southern California, considered this option a few years ago and decided to make it a reality.

With two children, aged five and seven, Ken and Kat quit their jobs, sold their house, and are now exploring the US in an RV. Now dubbed the ‘May Family Adventure’, this once-in-a-lifetime experience is a dream come true.

The Mays made the decision to give up their mundane lives after facing the realization that they weren’t happy with their current lifestyle. Ken and Kat believed that the best way for them and their children to find true happiness was to take a chance on something new; that something being a four-person road trip in an RV.

Living in their new mobile home, the family has the opportunity to travel and experience the most incredible sights, but more than that, they have the opportunity to connect with each other and build lifelong memories.

The Mays cite one of the main reasons for their roadtrip was to explore the US, bridging the gaps between cultures, states and cities. On average, the family drives around six to eight hours a day as they search for new destinations.

The Mays savor each and every adventure that comes their way, from hikes in the Rocky Mountains to swimming off the coasts of Florida. They have shared their experiences online via weekly vlogs, giving their ever-growing fan base an insight into their journey.

It has been over two years since Ken and Kat decided to make their three-year RV tour a reality. The family has been blessed with only a handful of hiccups along the way, and if you ask them, the memories they’ve made far outweigh any of the challenge they have encountered.

The Mays’ adventure so far is proof that by following their passions and stepping out of their comfort zone, they have become a lot happier and more fulfilled. This family is a reminder that life is an exploration, and that exploring can, in fact, lead to AUTHENTIC HAPPINESS.

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