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‘s Warning Beware! Gold Buyers, Heed FDR’s Advice!

The value of gold has fluctuated greatly throughout the years, and it’s important for gold buyers to remember the importance of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s decision to take the US off the gold standard in 1933. FDR’s decision to abandon the gold standard is one of the most significant events in American financial history, and it is worth considering for those interested in buying gold.

In the early 20th century, gold was the primary source of currency in the US. Under the gold standard, paper money was only as valuable as the amount of gold it represented. A banknote or coin could be exchanged for its equivalent value in gold. FDR’s decision effectively removed all gold-backing from the US dollar, meaning that the currency became entirely fiat, not backed by a physical asset.

This decision was controversial at the time, as it effectively removed the security of the gold standard, but it had some major benefits. The removal of the gold standard gave the government greater flexibility in managing its currency. They were no longer bound to the constraints of the fixed gold reserves. It also allowed them to stimulate the economy during the Great Depression. By printing more money, they were able to boost demand and consumption.

Ultimately, the decision to take the US off the gold standard had a major impact on the world economy. Even today, gold is a valuable asset to buy, but gold buyers should remember FDR’s decision when judging its value. This decision is one of the most important moves in American history, and it is something that can still have an impact on how we value gold today. Gold investors should consider the implications of FDR’s decision when deciding whether to buy or sell gold.

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