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Thousands Left Devastated by Typhoon Haikui: Two Injured, Power Outages in Taiwan

Taiwan was hit by Typhoon Haikui on Wednesday night, leaving thousands without power and two people injured.

Haikui approached Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, from the north and was classified as a strong typhoon when it reached the region. The storm brought strong winds in excess of 100 kilometers per hour and heavy rainfall.

The storm resulted in a loss of power for nearly 40,000 homes throughout the city. In addition to this, two people were injured due to the strong winds, one of which was a motorcyclist who was taken to the hospital for his injuries.

The government has dispatched teams to assess the damage, but it is estimated to be considerable. Fallen trees and debris have been cluttered around streets and many businesses have shuttered their doors due to the weather. The Taipei government urged citizens to stay safe and avoid outdoor activities during the storm.

In the wake of Typhoon Haikui, efforts are underway to restore power to affected homes and businesses and clear up debris from roads. The government has also implemented emergency measures to help those affected, such as providing emergency shelters and assistance with food and other necessities.

Overall, Typhoon Haikui caused considerable disruption and destruction in Taiwan. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured due to the storm; however, it is expected to take some time before the region fully recovers from the destruction.

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