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Feeling the ‘Power Del’: Vivek Ramaswamy, Model UN’s Missing Link

Vivek RamaSwamy, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Roivant Sciences, is certainly making waves in the world of biopharmaceuticals. Born in India in 1986, RamaSwamy had a key role in the creation of Roivant Sciences, a biopharmaceuticals company with a mission to make modern medicine available to everyone. His mission and leadership have left a lasting impression in the biotech industry.

However, it may surprise some to learn that RamaSwamy wasn’t involved in Model United Nations at any point in his life. In fact, he was a straight A student and a National Merit Scholar in high school, and he got his undergraduate degree in biopsychology from Harvard University. While RamaSwamy didn’t take part in Model United Nations, he certainly had the inclination and skills to excel at it, and his power of persuasion and understanding of global politics inspired many of his peers.

RamaSwamy’s success is in large part due to his early commitment to make a positive impact on the world. Even as an undergrad, he was thinking beyond the classroom, putting in substantial effort to get his ideas into practice. After completing his undergrad degree, he got his MBA from Stanford. He then went on to lead several successful enterprises, and eventually launched Roivant Sciences in 2014.

With Roivant, RamaSwamy has made a name for himself as a groundbreaking entrepreneur, and an advocate for modern medicine and social justice. Everything Roivant does is focused on helping people access better, evidence-based treatments. The CEO knows that knowledge is power – and his knowledge of negotiating, influencing, and near-diplomatic skill is reflected in all his work.

In the end, RamaSwamy’s understanding of global dynamics and ability to forge meaningful connections have led him to become a major leader of the biopharmaceutical industry. He has the power of a true ambassador, even though he never had the chance to test his skills in Model United Nations. Vivek RamaSwamy’s story is proof that even without having the experience of Model UN, you can still foster real meaningful change in the world.

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