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Lavras Gold Leaps on Discovery: 5 Top Weekly TSXV Stocks To Watch

The TSX Venture Exchange saw several stocks outperform their industry peers over the past week. Leading the pack was Lavras Gold, whose stock jumped 25%, after the company announced the discovery of more than 12 million tons of gold-bearing ore at its Brazilian project.

Lavras Gold Corp. is an emerging gold exploration and development company focused on advancing its portfolio of gold projects in the renowned, mineral-rich Lavras do Sul region of Brazil. The Monthéu claims package consists of 4 mineralized concessions totaling 2,783 hectares, and the Catanduva Mineral Production Association, which contains 30 concessions totaling 1,961 hectares.

Last week, Lavras Gold announced the discovery of a greater than 12 million-ton ore body of gold-bearing ore at the San Carlos project, located within the company’s 1000-hectare concession in the Lavras do Sul region. The ore body runs down a mineralized zigzag, and the company believes that there are powerful indications of higher-grade gold deposits in the area.

Further down the list of highest performing stocks was Moxian Inc., whose stock rose 23%. Moxian is an online-to-offline retail marketing platform that enables users to engage with local businesses. The platform allows businesses to gain access to new customers, generate loyalty, and interact with existing customers via a wide range of marketing channels, including SMS, social media, email, and more.

The company reported strong financial results for its first quarter on Tuesday, following five straight quarters of profitability. The company saw gross revenue grow by 39%, to $6 million. Moxian CEO Tao Blocker said in a statement that the company is entering a period of increased momentum.

Next was Dome Gold Mines, whose stock rose 16%. Dome Gold Mines is a Canadian gold exploration and development company with projects located in Ontario, Canada. The company recently announced an agreement to acquire the Bell River Gold Property in North-eastern Ontario. The property consists of 11 patented mining claims, with the majority of the claims located on an 11.5 square km block in the Nearb Lake region.

Rounding out the top weekly performers was Clean Power Capital, whose stock rose 13%. Clean Power Capital is a technology-driven company with a focus on developing early-stage projects and businesses in the regulated and alternative energy sectors. Last week, the company announced that its portfolio company, Sting Technology Inc., achieved strategic milestones for its hydrogen fuel cell technology.

These five stocks were the gold medalists for the week, outperforming their industry peers. From gold discoveries to growth in online-to-offline retail marketing and hydrogen fuel cell development, these companies are looking to make a positive mark on the TSX Venture Exchange.

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