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Boy or Girl? Listen to Diana Reveal Charles’ Disappointment At Harry’s Birth

Princess Diana’s private audio tapes have recently been released, and what they reveal is raising eyebrows around the world. In a conversation taped in 1991, Diana revealed that Prince Charles was disappointed after Prince Harry was born because he had wanted a daughter instead.

The then-Princess of Wales opened up about her inner struggles with Charles, and revealed what it was like to be married to him while raising two sons. She confessed that after Prince Harry was born, Charles said he felt that he’d wanted a daughter…He wanted two children, a boy and a girl.

The audio tapes, which were recorded by Princess Diana’s speech coach, also revealed that Prince Harry had a difficult start in life. Few people knew at the time, but the Prince suffered from terrible colic and was kept up by it most nights.

The tapes shed new light on the strained relationship between Princess Diana and Charles during their marriage, and highlight the fact that, despite their love for each other, the couple faced many personal battles. It provides a window into the complex emotions and relationships of one of the most iconic royal couples of all time.

The tapes, titled Diana – In Her Own Words, have been released just months before the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s untimely death. They serve as a reminder of both the ups and downs of her remarkable life, and the enduring legacy she left behind.

With the help of these recordings, the world is now getting a fuller picture the princess’ life, including her marriage and motherhood. Princess Diana’s unique and candid words in these tapes shed new light on the royal family, as well as the challenges that she had to face.

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