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Trump Ramps up Smear Campaigns as Impeachment Talk Heats Up!

In recent days, President Donald Trump has intensified his attacks on the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, raising questions about whether the president is attempting to undermine confidence in the November election.

At campaign rallies and on social media, Trump has made unsubstantiated allegations that Biden had done something untoward in Ukraine while vice president.

The president intensified his attacks after Biden said he was confident that Trump would be impeached if he won a second term.

Meanwhile, some prominent Republicans are calling for Trump to be impeached, saying his conduct in office has been egregiously negligent. Several Republican leaders, including Senators Mitt Romney and Pat Toomey, have called for the president to be held accountable.

The calls for impeachment come as the president has continued to stoke fears of widespread voter fraud and undermine the legitimacy of mail-in ballots, which are expected to be heavily used in November due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Experts suggest that Trump’s escalating attacks on his opponent have less to do with Biden, and more to do with the president’s attempts to delegitimize the presidential election.

Whether or not the president succeeds in undermining the credibility of the election, it is clear that the 2020 election season is likely to be one of the most contentious and divisive in modern history.

Regardless, it is essential that Americans have faith in the integrity of the election process and ensure their votes are counted. And with Republicans now calling for Trump’s removal from office, this election season could prove to be one of the most critical in American history.

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