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Hong Kong: Paralysis After Worst Rainfall Since 1884!

Hong Kong Paralyzed by Flash Flooding After Heaviest Rainfall Since 1884

Hong Kong has been stricken by flash flooding on its streets and in homes, the result of record-breaking rainfall witnessed earlier this week. On July 18th, Hong Kong experienced its highest rainfall to be observed in the past 136 years.

The heavy rainfall caught the cityarians totally unawares, with the first casualties reported within the span of a few hours. Houses got flooded, offices were submerged, and even roads became impassable. It took the government two whole days to coordinate and direct an effective response to the disaster.

As of now, the city has still not recovered completely from the destruction caused by this catastrophe. The recruited teams of municipal workers are still conducting long-term clean-up operations in order to save properties from further damage.

The Hong Kong Observatory earlier suggested that the heavy rainfall was a direct result of intense clouddevelopment over the city. Subsequently, the Observatory notified people to stay indoors and take necessary precautions in view of the unfavorable weather conditions. Nevertheless, people were seen to ignore the warnings and continued to travel in an effort to arrive at their destinations.

Health experts have been of the view that this weather inflicted plenty of harm on the physical and mental state of the people. It has been noted that patients suffering from depression or anxiety have been particularly affected by the flooding.

In sum, the government of Hong Kong is making great strides to restore stability in the territory and ensure the safety of its citizens. As of now, relief efforts are being undertaken with compassion, and the people of Hong Kong seem to be determined to recover from this major disaster.

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