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Chinese Visits from the U.S Congress: All roads lead to Beijing!

As the world’s two largest economies, the United States and China have much to gain from cooperation. To that end, members of Congress have recently discussed plans to make official visits to China in order to strengthen ties between the two countries.

The proposed visits, which could occur as far out as 2020, aim to foster better communication between the U.S. and China. Representatives from both sides of the aisle have been involved in the planning of the potential visits.

The presence of American lawmakers in China would be especially beneficial given the current climate of U.S.-Chinese relations. Relations between the two countries are tense due to various trade disputes and accusations of spying. With members of Congress on the ground in China, it could help to build bridges between the two countries by expressing the goodwill of the American government and its dedication to strengthening the relationship.

Along with this newfound dedication, members of Congress will also seek to gain a better understanding of Chinese policies. They will investigate firsthand the current social and economic conditions in the country and how the U.S. can best collaborate with China. Furthermore, members of Congress will meet with Chinese government and business leaders to discuss areas of common ground.

These visits would also serve as a chance to bring attention to issues of mutual concern such as protecting intellectual property, countering terrorism, promoting human rights, and managing regional security. All of these issues are best addressed through diplomacy, and American representatives will be key to developing positive cooperative solutions.

If the visits are successful, a greater understanding of both countries’ needs and desires would be established. This in turn could lead to increased economic and cultural exchanges, more efficient trade agreements, and a more stable partnership between the U.S. and China.

These proposed visits to China by members of Congress are a great opportunity for strengthening relations between the United States and China. As leaders of government, these representatives will be uniquely positioned to signal the positive intentions of the American government and enact productive, diplomatic policies.

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