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Ex-Proud Boys Leader: Prosecutors Put Pressure on Me to Implicate Trump!

Ex-Proud Boys leader, Enrique Tarrio, recently surfaced to the public and released a lengthy statement saying that federal prosecutors had tried to pressure him to falsely implicate former President Donald Trump in the January 6th Capitol Riot.

Tarrio, who was arrested in the days leading up to the Riot, was heavily scrutinized by law enforcement for his allegiance to the Proud Boys. The Miami-area resident was eventually slapped with charges of destruction of property and later prohibited from entering Washington D.C. He was released on January 8th and has since found himself in the midst of legal battles and the onward flow of newsworthy events.

In his recent statement, Tarrio claimed he was approached by federal prosecutors and was advised to falsely implicate Trump and those close to him in the Capitol Riot. Tarrio stated, “The Government and the defense had discussed my plea for weeks before they finally made their offer. I was asked to falsely implicate former President Donald Trump in exchange for leniency on my eventual sentence”.

More recently, prosecutors from Washington D.C. filed a motion earlier in May stating that they intended to call Tarrio as a witness against those charged with conspiracy in the Capitol Riot. In reaction to these allegations, Tarrio issued a public statement to deny any involvement and accused the government of wrongfully attempting to vilify him.

Tarrio’s accusations have raised some eyebrows, and there is now compelling evidence that the government might have done as he claimed. Whether or not these allegations are true, Tarrio’s case highlights how the US legal system works, and brings to light the potential for political unreasonableness.

Regardless of the truth, Tarrio’s statement has brought attention to the double standards of the justice system and the way in which it can be used as a political tool. From his gaining media attention, it can also be seen that individuals who are targets of political prosecution have the power to induce a collective progressive movement and responsible citizenship.

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