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Warrants Extended: Getchell Gold Corp. Amplifies Their Options!

Getchell Gold Corp, a mineral exploration company from Reno Nevada, recently announced that it has been granted the extension of its warrants.

Following the approval of Nasdaq’s and TSX-V’s, the warrants are extended for a period of five years from the initial three year term, and in paperless forms. The options are given the same expiration date as the original warrants, which was December 24, 2022.

The original warrants that were initially granted back in 2017 were to acquire common shares of the company at an exercise price of $1.03 per share. With the extension of the warrants, shareholders of the company can exercise their options to acquire common shares of Getchell Gold Corp until the expiration date of December 24, 2022.

The extension of the warrants has been granted to provide additional flexibility to the company’s shareholders, and to allow them to better determine the timing of their stock purchases. In addition, the new terms provide greater liquidity to the Getchell Gold Corp’s shares in the capital markets, as the warrants will be tradable on a public market.

Getchell Gold Corp CEO James Anderson stated, “The extension of these warrants provides our shareholders with additional flexibility and liquidity in their stock purchases. We are grateful for the extension from Nasdaq and TSX-V allowing us to do so.”

This extension of the warrants is great news for the shareholders of the company, as they now have more time to wait for the option to acquire common shares at the exercise price. This will also help the company to stay competitive in the mineral exploration industry.

Getchell Gold Corp is focused on exploring untapped mineral properties in Nevada and Eastern Oregon, and they believe that they have the potential of significant discoveries. The extended warrants are just another sign that their goal of expanding their operations is well on its way.

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