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Auto Workers Stand Firm: Big Three Strike Down Plants

Hailing from Michigan, the birthplace of the auto industry, the autoworkers have decided to show the world their strength as a united force by staging a strike at all three of the largest automotive manufacturers in the U.S., Ford, General Motors, and Fiat Chrysler.

The strike commenced on Sunday, September 15th, 2019 and is in response to the companies seeking new investments from the workers in order to bolster their bottom line. The workers responded with a clear statement, noting that autoworkers were not at fault for the companies’ financial mismanagement and they will not accept any concessions in the form of lower wages, reduced benefits, or job cuts. The United Automobile Workers (UAW) is hoping that the strike will demonstrate the full force of its membership, and the workers are refusing to back down.

The UAW call for action has been heard loud and clear at the plants, and it’s estimated that over 46,000 workers are off the job in the Detroit area alone. The strike is having a devastating impact on the production of new automobiles, and the union is standing their ground until their demands for better wages and a safer working environment are met.

The strike is a brave and determined move by the autoworkers to stand up to big business and fight for fair and equitable treatment. However, it’s also a very personal issue for them, as the reduced benefits could mean the difference between putting food on the table and going without. As the companies jockey for profits, the workers will fight tooth and nail to ensure that they are not the ones who end up sacrificing to make up the shortfall.

This is a watershed moment for the auto industry and for the working class. It’s a clear demonstration of the strength of organized labor and the importance of solidarity in the fight for justice and fairness. Let’s hope the strike is resolved without further disruption and the autoworkers can finally get the fair treatment they deserve.

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