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Double Trouble: Biden Jean’s Pressing Plight After Son’s Indictment and Inquiry

The US Presidential elections are just a few weeks away and Joe Biden is the Democratic nominee. However, his campaign has recently been hit with a double blow as a federal corruption inquiry and the indictment of his son Hunter have created a tough situation for him.

The federal investigation into the business dealings of Joe Biden’s brother, James, and his son Hunter has been ongoing for several months. While it is still unclear as to what exactly the inquiry is looking into, recent reports have suggested the possibility of fraud in the sale of a taxpayer-funded healthcare company.

The news was soon followed by the indictment of Hunter Biden, who is facing several allegations of money laundering and foreign lobbying violations. Hunter had been reported to have been involved in a number of business deals with foreign governments, including in Ukraine and China.

The double blow of the inquiry and Hunter Biden’s indictment has put a great strain on Joe Biden’s campaign, as he has faced pressure to respond to both. Joe Biden has denied any involvement in the matter and has defended his son, claiming that he has done nothing wrong.

This has not stopped his opponents from attacking him and his campaign. President Donald Trump and his supporters have sought to paint Biden as corrupt and untrustworthy, while the Republican Party has called for an investigation into the actions of himself and his family.

The Biden campaign has denied any wrongdoing on Joe Biden’s part and has pledged to cooperate with any investigation. However, they have expressed concern that this could be part of an opponent-created scandal to distract from Trump’s mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The double blow of the inquiry and Hunter’s indictment has created a tough situation for Joe Biden, at a time when his victory is not certain. While Biden has vowed to fully cooperate with any investigation, the allegations are likely to continue to be a major issue in the weeks ahead and may influence the results of the election.

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