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Big Three Autoworkers Strike: A Fight for Better Working Conditions

The employees of the three biggest automakers in the US have decided to go on strike in protest of their current working conditions. On September 15th, over 50,000 members of the United Auto Workers union began a nationwide strike, beginning at the plants of each of the Big Three: General Motors, Ford, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

This strike, the UAW’s largest in over a decade, was called in an attempt to secure higher wages, better job security, and greater economic stability from the employers. In order to pressure the automakers into negotiating a better deal, the UAW has organized protests outside the plants of the Big Three, demonstrations of solidarity involving the regions near the plants, and a social media campaign tagged #UAWGoneStrong.

The UAW’s call for better working conditions was finally heard on September 25th, when GM agreed to a deal that included pay raises, the possibility of performance bonuses, and better job security. Ford and Fiat Chrysler followed shortly after, with UAW representatives formally accepting all three deals in October.

Although the UAW’s strike ultimately succeeded and the workers of the Big Three have received improved labor standards, this is just the latest episode in the struggle between workers and employers for better working conditions. The next step, then, is for the UAW to continue to fight against wage inequality, to secure the right to unionize, and to ensure that their members have greater job security in the future.

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