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Biden Calls on U.N. Assembly to Strengthen Alliances

On Tuesday, United States President Joe Biden will be addressing the United Nations General Assembly in a move to rebuild international alliances and chart the path forward for a better future.

The speech, billed as a keynote address by the White House, will be the US president’s first major international platform speech since taking office in January. It is seen as a crucial opportunity for President Biden to articulate his mission to repair ties with several countries that grew strained under his predecessors.

Biden has been focused on resuming US leadership on international issues and mending relationships with allies since his inauguration. He has already taken steps — such as rejoining the Paris climate accords, the World Health Organization, and the Iran nuclear deal — to further this goal.

The address is also expected to cover a range of other topics such as immigration reform and global health, economic development, and security. According to the White House, the speech will seek to bolster American credibility in multilateral fora and strengthen US ties with allies.

The speech, however, is likely to be met with resistance from certain countries, both ally and foe, in the form of criticism. This is due to the US’s policy of economic sanctions and tariffs, its role in the Middle East peace process, and its opposition to some UN resolutions.

President Biden is expected to remind the international community that the US has a long tradition of working in partnership with allies and promoting the cause of international cooperation. In Baker Institute for Public Policy’s interview with the President, he said, “The United States is uniquely capable, and uniquely situated, to be able to hold that global spotlight, to put forth ideas that will lead to greater progress for people around the world.”

This address to the UN General Assembly is certain to be a crucial opportunity for President Biden to show the world how the US will once again reclaim its traditional role of global leadership by engaging with allies and repairing international relationships. Only time will tell how effective his address will be.

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