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Clorox Production Disrupted as Last Month’s Cyberattack Continues

Clorox recently announced they are still affected by a cyberattack that happened over a month ago. The unfortunate incident happened in late April, and according to a statement released by the company, some of Clorox’s systems have been significantly disrupted.

The attack involved both systems and networks at Clorox, impairing specific operations. Luckily, no customer data or financial information was impacted by the attack. Despite this, many of the company’s operations have been disrupted due to the attack. Clorox has lost access to certain systems due to the attack, which includes their ability to supply their products in a timely manner.

Clorox is doing all it can to help fix the attack, and they are estimating the incident should be fully resolved by mid-July. They did state, however, that if they do not hit that deadline, they will have to take further measures to ensure that their systems can return to normal functioning. Until then, customers may have to wait longer than usual for Clorox products to arrive.

The attack occurred at an extremely inconvenient time, especially considering what is happening right now in the world. Many companies are having trouble keeping up with demand for their products due to being closed during the pandemic, and Clorox is no exception. With the cyberattack, however, they have been dealt a larger blow than most.

Clorox emphasizes that their top priority is ensuring the safety and security of everyone involved. They are doing all they can to mitigate the damage of the attack, and to ensure it does not occur as a result of the attack. As such, they are working with leading industry experts to ensure their customers remain safe and secure.

While the attack is certainly unfortunate, Clorox is doing their best to resolve the issue. With luck, the company will be back to normal functioning by their projected deadline, and customers won’t have to worry any longer about long wait times for their products.

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