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Nikki Haley Strikes: Is Kamala Harris Ready to Take on The Presidential Race?

With the 2020 Presidential Election just months away, the race continues to heat up as candidates dimensions their strategies. A pivotal name in the equation is that of Nikki Haley, the former US Ambassador to the United Nations (2017-2018).

Her name is frequently in the mix when discussion arises around possible vice presidential candidates for President Donald Trump, but Haley appears to have other ideas. The South Carolina Republican this week released a lengthy statement that seems to endorse the 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate and former California Senator Kamala Harris.

Haley’s statement acknowledged Harris’ work with her home-state governor Gavin Newsom on criminal justice reform and noted her efforts to protect victims of domestic violence. It also praised Harris’ stance on issues such as affordable health care, wages, and infrastructure.

However, Haley did not come out as an endorser of Harris’ candidacy.

Rather, she seems to suggest that the race should be more focused on Kamala Harris than Trump, saying, “This Presidential race should be about Kamala Harris’s views on how to best serve the country. It is not a personal attack on the president. We have great disagreements, but we should focus on issues, not personalities.”

It seems as though Haley wants to make the presidential race all about Kamala Harris and her policies, rather than Donald Trump and his track record. This move could be pivotal for the remaining months of the campaigns, as it shifts the needle away from Trump’s record and towards Harris’ policy proposals.

As an experienced diplomat, Haley could be integral in shaping the remaining narrative of the election as it heads into the homestretch. Her input is likely to draw attention from voters and pundits alike, regardless of whether she’s an official endorser of Harris or not.

No matter the outcome in November, Haley’s strategic decision to make the race about policies and issues instead of personalities is sure to be remembered in the annals of political history.

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