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Patrick G. Eddington I think it’s fair to question whether or not the current House Oversight Committee inquiry into allegations against the President and his son, Hunter Biden (with respect to questionable business dealings

Adam N. Michel and Scott Lincicome In the last few years, Congress has authorized as much as $2.1 trillion in domestic subsidies for preferred industries such as steel, semiconductors, and electric vehicles—a flood

Chelsea Follett Reading the news or listening to politicians and pundits speak, one could easily get the impression that global inequality is getting worse. But is the widely held belief that the world is

Jai Kedia Two weeks ago, some of the biggest names in academia and monetary policy gathered at Brookings to discuss what factors had contributed to the recent spike in inflation. To that end, Ben

Adam N. Michel Republicans will soon release an economic package that addresses a number of significant tax changes that have already or are scheduled to increase taxes on American businesses. Reporting indicates that a central

Romina Boccia and Dominik Lett The federal government will spend $6.3 trillion in 2023, 73 percent is categorized as mandatory and 27 percent as discretionary. Mandatory spending refers to federal programs that are funded

Jeffrey A. Singer Removing barriers to prescribing psychologists (RxPs) saves patients the inconvenience and added expense of seeing a psychiatrist or other health care practitioner that states license to prescribe psychiatric medications. Such practitioners include

David J. Bier Critics of the H‑1B visa for skilled foreign workers often claim that the status amounts to “indentured” servitude. Indentured servitude is a contract to work for a single employer for a predetermined period without