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On January 10, the French government announced plans to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64. The change would mean that after 2027, workers in France would have to work 43 years

The Federal Reserve has created a huge boom full of bubbles. But after the boom must eventually come a bust. Ryan and Tho talk to Mises Institute Senior Fellow Mark Thornton about what

It's only a good time to be a worker in America if one confuses falling real wages and falling full-time employment with robust employment conditions.  Original Article: "Biden Is Lying about the Jobs Data" This Audio Mises Wire

I am sorry to have to report that Yuri Maltsev has passed away. He was a professor of economics at Carthage College in Wisconsin. He held various government and research positions in Moscow,

It’s theoretically impossible for government to regulate vaccines effectively. To see why, consider the following thought experiment: Imagine you were an expert employed somewhere in the government’s sprawling healthcare apparatus, and further imagine

The similar challenges facing America and Brazil, including concerns about the state of their democracies, is worthy of exploration, as is the global response to the protest and what that response means for

Friday Beer Posts have been a long and inconsistent tradition at Env-Econ. Right now I'm in Maryland for a quick visit with family and I saw this story: A new Maryland House bill proposes

Whenever an armed conflict breaks out, regardless of where it is, we are instantly presented with the number of people killed, along with how many families and entire communities have been forced from