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Economists often concentrate on narrow technical specialties. In doing so, they sometimes fall into philosophical errors, because they uncritically take

A Fetal Heartbeat bill is an abortion-related legislation that has been brought forward in the United States. According to the

Today, the political system really is in many ways what H.L. Mencken suggested when he described elections as a sort

Scotland still hasn’t given up on holding another independence referendum within the next several years. Although London opposes the measure,

TheGameStopEpisode_AllanMalz_CMFAWP005   The post The GameStop Episode: What Happened And What Does It Mean? (CMFA Working Paper No. 005) appeared first on

Over the course of 2020, FiveThirtyEight’s visual journalists covered a historic election, an unprecedented year in sports, a raging pandemic

DMT (2020) draw attention to my treatment of the weighted WTP estimates. The regression model for the second scenario has