The U.S. stock market has experienced a remarkable recovery from its dramatic March lows. The impressive rally followed a shock decline and it brings hope for a return to pre-recession levels. As the

The stock market has been particularly tumultuous lately, with rapid swings between bearish and bullish sentiment. With so much instability and uncertainty, it’s easy to lose your cool and panic. But if you

The headlines would have you believe that stocks and bonds are headed for a crash. But the reality of the situation is far from that. Apart from a noticeable drop in the stock

For equity investors, volatility has been taunting the market for the past few days, leading to some fresh uncertainty regarding the performance of equities in the near-term. After the past week's wild swings

Investors have been closely watching the performance of the S&P 500, the benchmark US stock index, in recent months. Over the past few weeks the index has been forming what appears to be

Seasonality and Fundamentals Converging on GLD In recent weeks investors have been pouring into the gold sector, buoyed by a surge in inflation expectations and waning confidence in traditional safe-havens like bonds and cash.

On Monday November 30th, investors around the world took note of a new development in the stock market – The S&P 500 has just formed a Head and Shoulders top Pattern, a definite

The world today is changing rapidly, with technology advancing faster than ever before. One of the biggest advancements has been the introduction of the digital currency, also known as Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a