Kraft Heinz recently announced the recall of 83,800 cases of their Singles American Cheese Slices due to a possible presence of foreign material. The recall was issued after small pieces of plastic were

Starbucks is facing a class-action lawsuit that alleges the company mislabeled their Refresher fruit drinks. The lawsuit claims that these drinks contain fewer real fruit juices than what is indicated on the

Global olive oil prices have been surging to record highs recently, causing shortages and even reports of cooking oil thefts in some countries. The price of extra-virgin olive oil reached its highest

On Friday, General Motors, the largest U.S. auto manufacturer, announced that it is temporarily suspending operations at its Lansing, Michigan plant, resulting in approximately 2,000 workers being sent home. The move comes amid

The Federal Reserve has put a temporary hold on interest rate hikes, citing global economic risks and low inflation levels. The decision came after the Fed met to review its policy and considered

The current Clorox products shortage has left many households in a scramble to find surface disinfecting products. But what does it really mean for you and your household? First and foremost, it means you

Clorox recently announced they are still affected by a cyberattack that happened over a month ago. The unfortunate incident happened in late April, and according to a statement released by the company, some

Stellantis recently revealed its new offer to the United Auto Workers that could lead to the closure of eighteen facilities in its United States-based vehicle production. The new deal follows months of negotiations