The Republic of Burkina Faso is in the grip of a military junta which has recently taken power and suspended French magazine Jeune Afrique (JA). The Burkina Faso junta has condemned JA for

As France prepares for the 2022 Summer Olympics, Paris has taken the initiative to clear out its homeless population from the city center. This has caused a flurry of outrage and discussion from

A new species of electric blue tarantula has been discovered in Thailand-- providing yet another example of the biodiversity of this Southeast Asian destination. The species, Cyriopagopus pulcher, was discovered by Inthanon Leelawat, an

As legendary rock and roll icon Brian May, guitarist of the British rock band Queen, continues to make waves in the music world, he can now add the title “space explorer” to his

On April 19th, a nine-year-old boy in Northern Australia became the only known survivor of a suspected death cap mushroom poisoning. The unidentified young survivor was taken to Royal Darwin Hospital in critical

In a sign of a dramatic shift in the ongoing Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, thousands of ethnic Armenians are fleeing the region as the fighting enters its second week. The conflict between Azerbaijan and ethnic Armenian

Netanyahu’s Judicial Overhaul Sparks Palestinian Fears of Speedy West Bank Annexation Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently announced plans to overhaul the country’s judicial system. This has sparked fear in some Palestinians over what

Asake is a relatively new artist who is quickly dispelling the notion that Afrobeats is a monolith. Since his emergence in 2020, he has been enamored by fans and admired by connoisseurs of