With the appointment of Linda Yaccarino as Twitter's new CEO, Elon Musk is trying to appease woke advertisers to bring up his company's revenues. This will not end well. Original Article: "The Woke Cartel

“No point in the field of political economy merits more thought and analysis than where to draw the line distinguishing the functions proper to government from the role assumed by all-out government—socialism. A

The drug war of the last half century has incarcerated millions and created havoc. What it hasn't done is eliminate people using drugs without government permission. Original Article: "The Drug War: An Irrational Crusade"  

Technocrats frequently pressure the US government to increase R and D as a strategy to upstage China. The assumption is that public R and D will lead to innovation and economic growth because

Domestic violence is a stain on society, but it is worse if we only care about violence committed against people of one sex. Original Article: "Committing Domestic Violence against Men . . . Just for

Ryan and Zack look at how China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia are reshaping the Middle East into a region where the United States no longer dominates. This is a good thing for ordinary

Many economists believe that economics must emulate the physical sciences with controlled experiments to be credible. Econometric models, they claim, can fulfill the role of laboratory experiments. Through mathematical and statistical methods, an economist

One of the main fronts in the current culture war in the United States is the debate over "masculinity." Certain corners of the Left tell us that "toxic masculinity" is a terrible thing.