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Bluestone Resources Skyrockets: A Stellar 139% Gain Heads this Week’s Top 5 TSXV Stocks!

1. **Bluestone Resources: A Stellar Performer Following A Resource Estimate Update**

Following its updated mineral resource estimate for the Cerro Blanco project, Bluestone Resources topped the list of TSXV weekly gainers with a considerable 139% rise. The Cerro Blanco project, located in southeastern Guatemala, is a high-grade gold and silver development project and the updated resource estimate indicated a significant increase in the measured resources.

The announcement fueled a surge in investor interest towards the company, propelling the share prices to new levels. On March 4, shares of Bluestone Resources were trading at a value of $1.16, while by March 11, the stock remarkably soared to trade at $2.78, representing a substantial lead over its TSXV peers.

2. **Miramont Resources: Proving Its Worth Through Exploration Efforts**

The next company that stood out on the TSXV in the week was Miramont Resources, a Canadian resource company having exploration projects in Peru. Although the company did not disclose any major news during the week, it did share on March 4 that it had appointed a new director.

The appointment sparked confidence in the company’s leadership, which resulted in positive movement in stock prices. Over the span of one week, the shares rose by 27%. This growth trajectory reaffirms the appeal of Miramont Resources to those with interest in resource exploration sector stocks.

3. **Lion One Metals: Reaping Benefits from High-Grade Drilling Results**

Third on the list, Lion One Metals, a company dedicated to the exploration and production of Fijian gold resources, also made significant strides. The company announced high-grade drilling results from its 100%-owned Tuvatu Alkaline Gold Project, signaling a promising outlook. The exciting results from the ongoing drill program swiftly triggered a spike in Lion One Metal’s shares by 21% over the course of a week.

4. **Aftermath Silver: Galloping Ahead With Its Silver Projects**

Aftermath Silver clinched the fourth position with a considerable gain of 14%. The company has been steadily progressing with its key silver projects in Chile and Peru. However, it was the increased demand for silver in global markets that played a strong role in boosting Aftermath Silver’s share prices, highlighting the company’s potential to benefit from booming silver prices.

5. **Adventus Mining Corporation: Striking Gold with Positive Results**

Closing the top 5 is Adventus Mining Corporation which announced positive drilling results on March 8th. These results are from the El Domo volcanogenic massive sulfide deposit located within the Curipamba project, Ecuador. Consequently, the company’s shares jumped 7%. The positive news has solidified Adventus Mining’s stake in the sector and positioned it favorably amongst its mining counterparts in the week.

Each of these five companies has illustrated the potential growth and profits that can be realised in the TSXV stocks, driven by factors like lucrative project updates, strong leadership, promising exploration results, and favorable market conditions. Investing in these companies could prove to be beneficial, but investors are advised to conduct proper due diligence before making any investment decisions.

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