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Unveiling the Top 10 Global Titans: Country-wise Cobalt Producers!

1. Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

One cannot speak about leading cobalt producers without mentioning the Democratic Republic of Congo at the top of the list. As of 2020, the country was estimated to produce almost 70% of the world’s total cobalt supply, accounting for about 100,000 metric tons. The cobalt in DRC is mostly extracted as a by-product of copper and nickel mining.

2. Russia

Coming in second place is Russia, contributing about 6,100 metric tons, which represents about 4% of the global cobalt production. Major companies involved in cobalt production in Russia include Norilsk Nickel, the largest producer in the country, widely recognized for its substantial nickel and palladium output.

3. Australia

Behind Russia is Australia, with an annual production of approximately 5,100 metric tons. The majority of Australia’s cobalt comes from the state of Western Australia. Major operational mines in the country include the Glencore-operated Murrin Murrin mine and BHP’s Nickel West.

4. Philippines

Occupying the fourth position is the Philippines, producing about 4,600 metric tons annually. One of the prominent cobalt mines is the Coral Bay mine, which utilizes the high-pressure acid leach process (HPAL), producing a significant amount of cobalt and nickel.

5. Cuba

Cuba is another significant player in the cobalt industry, contributing around 3,500 metric tons each year. The Moa mine, a joint venture between Sherritt International and the Cuban government, is a major contributor to Cuba’s cobalt production, extracting as a by-product from nickel mining.

6. Canada

Canada also adds to the world’s cobalt production, mainly from the province of Ontario. The country produced approximately 3,300 metric tons in 2020. Big mining companies like Glencore, Vale, and Jervois Mining significantly contribute towards the cobalt production in this country.

7. Madagascar

Madagascar is the seventh-largest cobalt producer in the world, yielding around 3,000 metric tons of cobalt per year. The country’s cobalt is primarily extracted from the Ambatovy mine, one of the largest lateritic nickel mines globally.

8. Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a valuable player in global cobalt production, contributing 2,800 metric tons generated annually. The Ramu mine is a key contributor and uses the HPAL method, similar to the Philippines’ Coral Bay mine, to extract cobalt alongside nickel.

9. New Caledonia

With an annual cobalt output of roughly 2,700 metric tons, New Caledonia holds the ninth position in the ranking. The Goro mine, operated by the Brazilian mining conglomerate Vale, is one of the largest cobalt sources in New Caledonia.

10. Zambia

Rounding out the top 10 is Zambia, with an annual production estimated at 2,400 metric tons. The country’s cobalt production is mostly obtained as a by-product of copper mining, with major mining sites located in the areas of the Copperbelt.

These top 10 countries contribute significantly to the world’s cobalt supply, a crucial element extensively used in numerous applications like rechargeable batteries, catalysts, alloys, and more.

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