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Hot Breccia Copper Project: Prismo Metals’ ZTEM Survey Reveals Exciting Drill Target in Arizona!

Prismo Metals has recently completed a ZTEM (Z-Tipper Axis Electromagnetic) survey at the Hot Breccia copper project, located southwest of Tucson in Arizona. This brand new development identifies priority drill targets for immediate consideration, shedding exciting light for the company’s future endeavors in the search of unearthing valuable minerals.

The ZTEM survey is a state-of-the-art research method that employs complex electrical and magnetic principles to map mineral deposits beneath the earth’s surface. This survey is often carried out via an aircraft fitted with specific equipment and the ability to gather gravity, resistivity, and magnetic data. The results provide a distinct perspective on the geology of the area under survey, highlighting potential zones with high mineral concentration. In Prismo’s case, these surveys have detected what are now being identified as priority drill targets within the Hot Breccia copper project zone.

The Hot Breccia project spans over 3,300 acres of mineral-rich land. It is particularly noted for its color alteration zones, which highly suggests the presence of significant metallic mineralization. The application of the ZTEM survey by Prismo Metals on this colossal project is a strategic move aimed at identifying areas enriched with copper and other valuable minerals.

The comprehensive ZTEM survey conducted by Prismo Metals has resulted in the identification of three primary enriched zones. These zones displayed enhanced conductive features ascertained by resistively low magnetic and high gravity data. It is these areas that Prismo Metals will target for its priority drill program.

Notably, one of the targeted areas corresponds with the historically mined Hot Breccia pit. This indicates a continued presence of copper and potentially other metals beneath the pit, which is promising news for Prismo. The adjacency of this high-priority drill target to the former mine site can also lower drilling and operation costs, providing an economical angle to this development.

The remaining two targeted areas are located within the northern part of the project site. The resistivity and gravity data indicate a significant electrolytic conductivity, which highly suggests the presence of sulphide mineralization, possibly indicating the presence of other valuable metallic minerals, in addition to the primary target of copper.

Prismo Metals’ use of the ZTEM survey technology at the Hot Breccia copper project is reflective of its commitment to innovation, efficiency, and best practice exploration strategies. By isolating the most promising drill targets, the company can focus its efforts and resources on these areas, potentially speeding up the timeline for mineral extraction and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

The geophysical results of the ZTEM survey can guide decision-making processes and exploration strategies, consolidating Prismo’s position in the mining industry. With these priority drill targets identified, Prismo Metals is set on a path toward uncovering the mineral potential of the Hot Breccia copper project, promising significant developments in the near future.

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