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Attention Jeep Owners! Chrysler Recalls 338,000 Grand Cherokees Due to Possible Steering Malfunction

In 2021, a significant development was addressed when Chrysler, one of the world’s most famed automobile manufacturers, issued a recall for an astounding 338,000 units of their esteemed Jeep Grand Cherokee model. This massive recall was triggered by the identification of a potentially malfunctioning steering component that raised concerns for both the manufacturer and road safety authorities.

The identified issue resided in the Jeep’s power transfer units (PTU). It was found that these parts had the potential to fracture, leading to a potentially catastrophic loss of power to the front wheels. This is caused by a degradation of material over time. The company discovered that under high torque loads, the PTU might break down without any warning, potentially causing serious incidents.

Affected Jeep Grand Cherokee models span from the years 2011 to 2013. The recall pertained to cars equipped specifically with 3.6-litre engines, 5-speed automatic transmissions, and manufactured with four-wheel drive systems. No injuries or accidents have been reported to date relating to this issue, which was discovered through a routine audit of vehicle safety. According to the automaker, most of the affected vehicles are in the United States, though there are some in other markets.

Jeep’s parent company, Stellantis, stated that the steering problem arose from an overly sensitive internal diagnostic check of the control software. The auto giant has also explained that it would notify owners of the affected vehicles and offer a free-of-charge software update at its dealership centres beginning in May 2021. This update would prevent inadvertent activation of the diagnostic check and avoid any resulting power steering interruption.

Owners of the aforementioned Jeep Grand Cherokee model were urged to contact their nearest Jeep dealership, where they would receive a digital update for the software controlling this particular function. This new software patch would be able to detect an issue and address it before it becomes a severe problem, thereby minimizing the potential risk.

Besides the software update, the company promised to inspect the PTU for any signs of stress or fracture. If found faulty, Jeep declared it would replace the entire unit free of charge. This move not only reinforced Jeep’s commitment to prioritizing its customers’ safety but also its proactive response to mitigating any potential damage from the recalled part.

This massive recall reflects Chrysler’s dedication to the safety of its customers. They’ve taken swift and decisive action by reaching out to owners of the affected vehicles and providing solutions free of charge. In the eyes of car enthusiasts, such moves from automobile companies are applauded as they demonstrate a profound commitment to quality and reliability.

So while the recall of 338,000 Jeep Grand Cherokees may initially seem concerning, the active response and quick solution provided by Chrysler attest to their pledge to maintaining the security and satisfaction of their buyers. It’s clear that the company values safety precautions, and taking this burden on themselves instead of dismissing it as another risk of vehicle ownership underscores the longevity of their customer relationships.

In the ever-evolving automotive world, recalls such as this serve as reminders of the importance of continuous improvement, testing, and the pursuit of utmost vehicle safety. As models get more advanced and complex, oversight in their function is paramount, ensuring the continual trust that consumers place in their vehicles and the companies that manufacture them. Indeed, the recall of these Jeep models is a stern reminder to all automakers of the importance of careful monitoring, quick response, and transparency to its customers.

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