HomeInvestingExciting Breakthrough: Pampa Metals Discovers Rich Copper Deposits in Argentina! 304m at 1.07% CuEq* and 132m at 1.45% CuEq* in Piuquenes Porphyry Project’s Initial Drillhole!

Exciting Breakthrough: Pampa Metals Discovers Rich Copper Deposits in Argentina! 304m at 1.07% CuEq* and 132m at 1.45% CuEq* in Piuquenes Porphyry Project’s Initial Drillhole!

Pampa Metals Corp., a Canadian exploration company, has recently made an astounding revelation. For the first time, the organisation decided to drill at the Piuquenes Porphyry Project, Argentina and the results have been riveting. The first drillhole has intersected 304m at 1.07% Copper Equivalent (CuEq*), including 132m at 1.45% Copper Equivalent (CuEq*).

The Piuquenes Porphyry Project, as a primary focus of Pampa Metals, is a site of considerable interest for copper and gold mining. Located in the Argentine Andes, this Project forms part of the Los Bronces-Rio Blanco copper-molybdenum belt, which hosts significant deposits. Piuquenes is one of the many projects held by Pampa Metals covering an area of around 59,000 hectares, bearing excellent mining potential.

The copper equivalent grade of an ore body is used in cases when multiple commercially useful minerals occur together and is a crucial metric for assessing the profitability of a mining project. Intersecting 304m at a CuEq of 1.07%, and yielding an even higher grade of 1.45% CuEq over 132m affirmatively demonstrates the Piuquenes project’s strong potential.

The 304m intersection is itself significant, indicating a substantial ore body. Moreover, the grade of 1.07% CuEq is comparably higher than many currently operating copper mines worldwide, providing a significant reason to proceed with further explorations and possibly exploitation. Also worth noting is the included 132m at 1.45% CuEq, which underlines a high-grade core within the wider intersection.

This discovery is not just an enormous milestone for Pampa Metals but also a signal of the untapped potential of Argentina’s mining sector. While Argentina has long been recognised for its rich reserves of metals and minerals, it has remained relatively underexplored compared to its neighbours. This discovery could contribute considerably to revolutionising the nation’s mining outlook.

For Pampa Metals Corp, the promising results from the first drill hole at Piuquenes are an encouraging sign of the site’s potential. This intersection of 304m at 1.07% CuEq incl. 132m at 1.45% CuEq validates the strategy adopted by the company in their exploration of the Piuquenes Porphyry Project.

The next steps following this achievement will involve a thorough analysis of the drilling results and a consideration of the mineability of this deposit. Moreover, Pampa Metals will continue its exploratory works, not just at the Piuquenes site but at other project locations as well. This discovery indeed holds great promise, but it is essential to understand that there is still much work to be done in further evaluations and mineral resource estimates.

In conclusion, Pampa Metals Corp.’s initial exploration at the Piuquenes Porphyry Project has yielded impressive results, with intersections suggesting a significant high-grade deposit available. With these encouraging findings, the company is now well-positioned to further its exploration and contribute to Argentina’s mining industry and its overall economic development.

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