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Billionaire’s Journey to Netflix Ends in Mystery: His ‘3-Body Problem’ Premieres without Him

The tale of the Netflix adaptation of Liu Cixin’s acclaimed science-fiction trilogy, The Three-Body Problem, is intriguing and complex, almost echoing the mystery and thrill of the novels. The series is presented by Netflix, but the wheels were initially set in motion by a visionary billionaire named Lin Qi, founder of the Chinese tech and entertainment company, Yoozoo Group, who purchased the rights to the trilogy back in 2015. However, in a stunning twist of events, Lin didn’t live to see the fruition of his vision. His business partner, Xu Yao, ensures that, but in a very gruesome and tragic way.

Lin Qi’s role in bringing forth this globally acclaimed Chinese Sci-Fi novel to the screens was significant. He was instrumental in securing the rights to the trilogy, a move described by many as visionary, beyond just business. It reflected his eye for spotting talent and his commitment to promote Chinese literature on a worldwide platform. Firmly established in the gaming industry, the billionaire bought the rights to adapt the entrancing cosmos saga of Liu Cixin’s The Three-Body Problem for the screen, seeing potential in the narrative to captivate global audiences.

Meanwhile, Lin’s business partner, Xu Yao, the general manager of Yoozoo’s film division, played a role most unexpected and sinister in this largely creative process. In a shocking development that rattled China and sparked global interest, Lin Qi was allegedly poisoned by Xu Yao. According to Chinese media reports, Lin Qi was hospitalized after experiencing symptoms of poisoning and passed away on December 25, 2020.

The relationship between Lin Qi and Xu Yao was originally entrepreneurial and vaguely friendly. Gradually, it morphed into a resentful hostility sparked by business disagreements, leading to the unfortunate incident. Chinese authorities arrested Xu Yao as the main suspect behind this case, alleging he poisoned Lin Qi over disputes related to the streaming giant’s adaptation of The Three-Body Problem.

Lin Qi’s death had a profound effect on the entertainment and business world. A visionary, a businessman, and a lover of art, he was known for his pioneering spirit and massive contributions to the gaming industry. His ambitious project of bringing Liu Cixin’s celebrated literary work to screens worldwide was seen as a testament to his innovative mindset. But his untimely and tragic demise shocked his colleagues and fans alike, leaving a profound gap in the realm of digital entertainment.

In the face of this tragedy, Netflix, along with the creative team of The Three-Body Problem, which includes the Game Of Thrones’ showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss and renowned writer Alexander Woo, pledged to go on with the project. Despite the tragic circumstances shrouding its development, the adaptation of The Three-Body Problem is set to proceed and honor the vision of Lin Qi, ensuring his dream is realized, although posthumously.

The Three-Body Problem saga inscribed by Liu Cixin not only reshaped the genre of science fiction literature but also spawned global attention and appreciation. Lin Qi’s ambitious dream to adapt it for the screens, while abruptly ended by his untimely death allegedly by the hand of his business partner, remains undeterred. The legacy of Lin Qi lives on through the impending adaptation, marking an indelible testament of his eye for storytelling and his indefatigable spirit while serving as a poignant reminder of the heinous crime that ended this visionary billionaire’s life prematurely.

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