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Award-Winning Triumph: Australian Abolitionist Grace Forrest Secures Esteemed ‘Freedom from Fear’ Accolade

The medium of storytelling has a profound way of effecting societal change, but when combined with compassion, commitment, and resilience, it forms an unstoppable force that challenges norms and evokes transformation. This is the story of Grace Forrest, an Australian abolitionist and co-founder of the ‘Walk Free’ Foundation, who was recently awarded the coveted ‘Freedom from Fear’ award by the Australia Council for the Arts. It is a testament to Forrest’s significant contribution towards combating modern slavery at both local and international levels.

Grace Forrest hails from Western Australia, where she early on showed a spark of determination and empathy. After bearing witness to the heart-wrenching poverty and human rights abuses during her visit to India at age 15, she found her life’s direction. Forrest, along with her parents, miner Andrew Forrest and Nicola Forrest, launched the ‘Walk Free’ Foundation in 2010 with a major focus on modern-day slavery. Their commitment was signaled by the understanding that every human being possesses an inherent right of freedom which should never be compromised under any circumstances.

The ‘Walk Free’ Foundation operates based on the Global Slavery Index, a tool that measures the size of the global slavery workforce. By shedding light on the rampancy of modern slavery, the Foundation has been instrumental in creating awareness and influencing policies that aim to eradicate the inhumane practice. Advocacy, research, and direct engagement with government, businesses, and non-profits are integral parts of the Foundation’s mandate in their drive to abolish modern slavery.

Grace Forrest’s vision and transformative work have set her apart on the global stage. Through her effort, the ‘Walk Free’ Foundation lobbied for the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goal 8.7 by the United Nations, an initiative committed to ending forced labour, modern slavery, and child labor. Additionally, the Australian government enacted the Modern Slavery Act in 2018, following the advocacy efforts of the Foundation.

Being recognized with the ‘Freedom from Fear’ award is recognition of Forrest’s relentless fight against modern slavery. The award, given annually by the Australia Council for the Arts, appreciates an individual or organization’s remarkable contribution towards defending and promoting human rights and fighting against denial and violation of these essential elements of living.

The award forms a part of the broader ‘Human Rights Awards’ that celebrate and honor individuals and organizations who play prominent roles in developing and enriching human rights culture in Australia and abroad. Grace’s recognition is a manifestation of her sacrifice, devotion, and unwavering commitment to eradicating modern slavery in every corner of the world.

Grace Forrest’s pragmatic approach to philanthropy, combined with keen insights and fearless advocacy, paints an inspiring picture of the power and potential of committed individuals. As she continues her crusade against modern slavery, she functions as a catalyst for societal change and a beacon of hope for those most marginalized and forgotten by society.

In a world where the fight for human rights is ongoing, recognition such as the ‘Freedom from Fear’ award is not just an accolade for one’s effort, but a validation of the cause they represent. As Grace Forrest continues to break chains and free minds through her relentless advocacy and action, her work serves as a reminder that every step forward is a stride towards a more equitable world. With each battle won, she moves humanity closer to a future where fear and oppression can be replaced by freedom and opportunity for all.

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