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Crucial Earnings Insight: Unveiling Key Levels for AMZN, AMD, and AAPL!

Analyzing Key Levels for AMZN, AMD, & AAPL Earnings

AMZN, AMD, and AAPL represent three dynamic and formidable entities in the stock market. As investors keenly observe earnings reports and inauguration prices, it’s crucial to understand the key levels that could potentially indicate stock performance in the forthcoming quarters.


Amazon, a multinational technology company, is one of the most prominent firms in the global business landscape, renowned for its e-commerce platform and cloud services.

For the Q2 of 2021, the consensus EPS forecast for Amazon is $12.3, which shows a year-over-year growth of almost 19%. However, over the last 2 years, Amazon’s posted EPS has been higher than the consensus EPS forecast 88% of the time, which may suggest even higher earnings potential.

The key level for Amazon is a significant resistance level at $3,350. If the stock can breach this level following the earnings report, then a bullish uptrend may ensue, which could drive the stock to new heights. However, if Amazon’s stock is unable to surpass this resistance point, then a bearish trend could develop.


Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is a renowned semiconductor company that develops computer processors and related technologies.

In 2021’s Q2, the consensus EPS forecast for Advanced Micro Devices is $0.54, reflecting a growth of nearly 39% year over year. The firm’s EPS has surpassed the consensus forecast about 88% of the time over the past 2 years, suggesting potential greater earnings.

The key level to watch for AMD is $88. If AMD can surpass this level post their earnings announcement, this could trigger a bullish trend leading to higher price levels. On the contrary, if stock price fails to break above this, it could suggest a bearish market position.


Apple is a leading player in the technology sector, adored globally for its innovative products and customer-centric approach.

The consensus EPS forecast for Apple in Q2 of 2021 is $1.01, showing a potential growth of around 57% year over year. Notably, the company’s posted EPS has beaten the consensus EPS estimate 100% of the time in the last two years which bodes well for investor confidence.

A key level to observe for Apple is the $135 mark. If Apple can break above this resistance level after its earnings report, it could lead to a bullish market phase. However, if Apple’s stock price fails to exceed this level, it may suggest a bearish market scenario.

In summary, these three titans in the tech industry are poised for considerable growth based on the consensus EPS forecasts. Key levels to watch out for are AMZN’s $3,350, AMD’s $88, and AAPL’s $135 marks. These levels represent critical resistances that could dictate the direction of their respective stocks post-earnings. While the forecasts promise a rosy picture, investors should always tread with caution and use these pointers as just another tool in their investing arsenal. Only time will reveal the actual course the stocks will take post their earnings declarations.

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