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Pan American Strikes a Whopping US$295 Million Deal in La Arena Mine Sale!

Pan American Silver Corp., one of the world’s most significant primary silver producers, has confirmed its agreement for the sale of its La Arena mine to MASGLAS Limited and its subsidiary, Miramontes Capital Corp. The all-cash deal totals US$295 million, marking one of the significant transactions in the industry this year.

The La Arena mine is a gold-copper porphyry system located at a height of 2,300 to 2,800 meters above sea level in the Huamachuco district, Sanchez Carrion province. La Arena’s vast mining area encompasses approximately 19,200 hectares in the northern highlands of Peru. The transaction is a strategic move, underlining Pan American’s commitment to streamline its portfolio and concentrate on the core aspects of its business while receiving substantial financial benefits.

The decision to sell the La Arena mine reflects Pan American’s targeted emphasis on silver assets, which have seen significant volatility in recent years. Instead of holding onto a wide array of mining interests, the company is focusing on those areas that contribute most significantly to its bottom line, primarily silver. The strategy is expected to help Pan American navigate challenging market conditions more effectively, promoting operational efficiencies and optimizing its assets.

MASGLAS, a privately-held Chile-based consortium engaged in the development and acquisition of precious and base metal properties, has previous experience of managing mines of similar size and complexity. It’s subsidiary, Miramontes Capital Corp, is renowned for leveraging innovative technologies to streamline operations and reduce overall mining costs. With the purchase of La Arena, MASGLAS looks forward to expanding its footprint and diversifying its portfolio across established South American markets.

The terms of the agreement include an immediate payment of $15 million as a non-refundable deposit, followed by the balance due upon closing, expected in Q1 2022. The agreement is subject to regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions. With this agreement, MASGLAS acquires all the shares of Minera La Arena S.A., the subsidiary of Pan American that holds La Arena mine.

The deal affirms Pan American’s strategic focus not only on portfolio optimization but also financial stability. The cash inflow from this transaction will help increase Pan American’s liquidity, enabling the company to allocate resources more effectively and potentially reinvest in new projects or expansions of existing operations.

The sale stands to benefit both companies, offering Pan American the opportunity to strengthen its financial position and focus resources on its primary silver assets. It also provides MASGLAS with a high-value acquisition and the expansion of its geographical footprint. The transaction exemplifies the trend within the mining industry to re-evaluate operations, prioritize resources, and adapt to evolving market conditions to maximize overall performance and profitability.

Pan American’s sale of La Arena signals a strategic move within the fluctuating environment of the mining industry, reflecting the shift towards portfolio consolidation, financial health, and focus on core assets. It is a profound and positive step for both the companies and is likely to influence the industry, demonstrating the merits of streamlining operations, focusing on core competencies and adhering to financial prudence to drive business growth amidst challenging market conditions.

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