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Unveiling Manganese Powerhouses: The Top 5 Countries with the Largest Reserves in 2024!

1. South Africa: Leading the Global Manganese Reserves

Known for its wealth of minerals, South Africa holds the largest reserves of manganese worldwide. The US Geological Survey estimated the country’s manganese reserves to be approximately 200 million tonnes in 2024. This significant reserve can be attributed to the substantial deposits in the Kalahari Manganese Field (KMF) in the Northern Cape. This district is considered the richest manganese deposit globally, providing high-quality ore for worldwide steel production. Additionally, the country has a mature mining sector, with leading companies such as South32, operating major manganese mining projects.

2. Australia: A Global Player in Manganese Mining Sector

Moving to the Pacific region, Australia houses the second-largest manganese reserves. The country’s manganese deposits are predicted to be around 100 million tonnes, as per the US Geological Survey report in 2024. The noteworthy manganese mines are located primarily in the Northern Territory and Western Australia, with the GEMCO mine being the most prominent. Operations are managed by major companies like South32 and are crucial in feeding the global demand for manganese, essential in developing batteries for electric vehicles.

3. Brazil: Leveraging Extensive Tropical Manganese Deposits

Australia is closely trailed by Brazil, a country with an estimated 76 million tonnes of manganese reserves. The Carajas mine in Para representing the largest deposits. This tropical country has the advantage of a diverse range of ores and an advantageous location – in close proximity to developing economies with high demand for manganese like Argentina and Chile. Vale, a major Brazilian mining company, is one of the leaders in manganese ore production, contributing significantly to the domestic and international market.

4. China: An Emerging Power in Manganese Mining

While known as the largest consumer of manganese, China is also an emerging power in manganese production. The Asian giant stands fourth on the list, with manganese reserves approximated around 23 million tonnes in 2024. The majority of manganese reserves are found in Guangxi and Guizhou provinces. Although the quality of China’s manganese ore is not as high as other countries, their substantial demand and manufacturing capabilities can leverage these reserves effectively.

5. Gabon: Africa’s Significant Contributor to Manganese Mining

Rounding up the top five is Gabon in West Africa. With an estimated 18 million tonnes of reserves, Gabon’s manganese mining industry has expanded significantly over the years. The Moanda mine, operated by COMILOG, is one of the most important mines in the county, contributing a large portion of its manganese exports. Forceful government policies encouraging foreign investments with local beneficiation have played a commendable role in scaling Gabon’s manganese sector.

The reserves detailed above signify the global distribution of manganese, a precious mineral integral to steel manufacturing and battery technologies. Each of these countries, with their unique mining landscapes and domestic policies, contributes to the robust and dynamic global manganese market.

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