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Unleash your Portfolio: The Top 4 Sizzling Tech Stocks to Keep an Eye on!


**1. Microsoft (MSFT)**

As one of the pioneers in the tech world, Microsoft is a force to reckon with when it comes to tech stocks to watch. The company has always been consistent in creating shareholder value through stellar operational performance and has shown resilience even in the face of economic uncertainties. The introduction of cloud-based services such as Microsoft Azure and subscription services such as Office 365 has opened new income avenues for the company. With an increase in the workforce turning to remote work amid the pandemic, the demand for their products has only soared. Not only that, but they are continuously innovating with ventures into Artificial Intelligence, Mixed Reality, and Quantum Computing. Microsoft’s stable revenue streams and robust financial health make it a very attractive option for tech investors.

**2. Apple (AAPL)**

Apple needs no introduction as a tech giant that revolutionised the smartphone and personal computer industry. Their reputation for high-quality and innovative products, combined with a loyal customer base, ensures a constant demand for their products and services. While the iPhone continues to be a major revenue source, their focus is not limited. The innovative strides in other areas such as Apple Watch, Apple TV, services like Apple Music, iCloud, and their developments in autonomous vehicles under Project Titan are exciting. The company’s performance has been robust over the years, and it has a strong balance sheet and cash flow, making it compelling for investors to keep a close eye on.

**3. NVIDIA (NVDA)**

NVIDIA has made a name for itself as an innovative leader in the computer graphics industry, providing graphics processing unit (GPU) for gaming and professional markets. However, exciting things are happening beyond that. NVIDIA GPUs are instrumental for AI, deep learning and high-performance computing, with industries increasingly adopting these. Their recent acquisition of Arm Holdings outlines their ambition to become a powerhouse in the chip-making industry. The company’s strong leadership in innovation, along with its promising growth prospects, makes NVIDIA’s stocks one to watch closely.

**4. Amazon (AMZN)**

While known as an e-commerce behemoth, Amazon is much more. Its cloud computing arm, Amazon Web Services, contributes a large chunk towards the company’s profit, serving millions of customers worldwide. Their investments and pioneering in areas like artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation and logistics tech are also exciting. Amazon’s vast and varied ecosystem, combined with their culture of innovation and financial strength, make the company a strong contender in the tech stock arena. The continuous growth – pandemic or not, drives foundation for the assertion of Amazon as a profitable e-commerce giant.

These four tech stocks are giants in their respective arenas and are continuously pushing the envelope in terms of innovation and growth. Their strong financials, consistent performance, and forward-looking business strategies make them the best tech stocks to watch now. However, investors are always reminded that all investment decisions should be made after thorough research and consultation, based on individual financial goals and risk-taking capacity.

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