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North Arrow Strikes Gold with Sale of Oro Gold Property in Nunavut!

North Arrow Minerals, a renowned Canadian diamond exploration company, recently made the headlines with the sale of its Oro Gold Property in Nunavut. This sales decision is a strategic move for North Arrow, as it sets out to focus and maximize its exploration and development efforts. The sale of the Oro Gold Property offers an interesting case study of the shifting dynamics in the mining and exploration industry, particularly in the Canadian Arctic region.

The Oro Gold Property, located in the Coronation Gulf area, Nunavut, was first taken over by North Arrow in 2013. Encompassing approximately 22,615 hectares, the Oro land package predominantly focused on plutonic intrusive-related gold mineralization, which has a high potential for significant gold occurrences. Initial exploration conducted by North Arrow demonstrated favourable mineralization signs, with a potential for significant gold discovery.

However, declining gold prices, combined with the logistical challenges of mining in the extreme Arctic conditions, led North Arrow to redirect its focus towards its prospective diamond exploration projects. The sale of the Oro Gold Property is part of this strategic realignment. Though it is selling the Oro Gold Property, North Arrow continues to develop and explore other holdings in Canada, including seven diamond projects.

The purchaser of the Oro Gold Property is an ambitious junior company, Planet Exploration Inc. Having demonstrated an acute interest in the potential of Nunavut’s mineral wealth, Planet Exploration Inc. is enthusiastic about the acquisition and equally eager to begin a new phase of exploration. The company aims to leverage the Oro Gold Property’s geological prospects for their ambition of capitalizing on gold’s commercial value.

The transaction comprises of Planet Exploration Inc. issuing five million common shares at a deemed price of $0.05 per share to North Arrow. The deal also includes a 1.5% royalty on any future gold production at the Oro Gold Property, providing North Arrow with a residual interest while ensuring a steady stream of income after the disposal of the property.

While the sale of the Oro Gold Property represents a shift in North Arrow’s strategic priorities, it has the potential to open new avenues of growth and prosperity for Planet Exploration Inc. Subsequent exploration and development on these lands offer the possibility of transforming the site into a profitable gold production locality, reviving investor interest in the gold mining industry in the harsh terrains of the Canadian Arctic.

Overall, the sale of Oro Gold Property by North Arrow Minerals reflects the changing dynamics and strategies within the mineral exploration and mining industry. It showcases how companies can effectively leverage their assets based on market trends, operational capacities, and strategic interests.

Through this transaction, North Arrow Minerals can continue to focus on their core competency – diamond exploration, while the new owner, Planet Exploration Inc., has obtained a property with immense future potential for gold exploration and mining. The outcome of this sale promises to have far-reaching effects on the future of Canadian mining, particularly in the largely untapped and underexplored territory of Nunavut.

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