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Five-Year Extension for RUA GOLD Permit at High-Grade Reefton Project: Murray Creek Targeted in Upcoming Drilling Program!

RUA Life Sciences (RUA) has secured a five-year extension for the Reefton Project, a promising gold mining initiative based in New Zealand. This extension is primarily for the GOLD permit, which allows for potential development of the high-grade Reefton hard-rock source. The announcement is part of RUA’s continuous investment and dedication towards beneficial exploitation of New Zealand’s natural resources.

The GOLD permit is a critical piece in RUA’s portfolio. This permit grants the company legal access to explore and exploit gold resources in the Reefton region. With this extension, the firm now has a secured access until 2026 which creates a stable platform for the development of the company’s initiatives in the territory. By extending this permit, RUA can significantly enhance their operations and potentially unlock additional gold reserves.

The extension allows RUA to further explore the high-grade Reefton Hard Rock Source, which has shown promising potential as a significant gold reservoir. The ongoing exploration program at Reefton mainly targets hard-rock gold resources. Initial drill testing stages have yielded positive results, bolstering the company’s confidence in the project’s prospects.

Complementing this extension, the company has also embarked on a near-mine drilling program at Murray Creek. Located in the immediate vicinity of the company’s operational Reefton gold mines, Murray Creek is viewed as a zone of strategic importance due to its proximity and potential reserve base. The close proximity ensures minimal transportation costs and logistical concerns. With efficient extraction methods and modern drilling techniques, RUA anticipates positive results in the near future.

At Murray Creek, the drilling program has been designed meticulously to reveal the potential and size of this lucrative location. It involves comprehensive geological mapping and a series of deep drilling and rock sampling procedures. The primary aim is to provide an accurate assessment of the volume and grade of gold present. If the Murray Creek project shows substantial potential, it will be included in the overall Reefton Project as a significant asset.

These two extensions represent a significant step forward in RUA’s plans to expand and grow its mining operations. The firm is confident that these latest developments will contribute significantly towards its bottom line, and also provide a boost to the entire New Zealand mining industry.

To conclude, RUA’s extended permit for the GOLD project and the initiation of a near-mine drilling program at Murray Creek showcases the company’s commitment towards efficient exploitation and utilization of New Zealand’s mineral resources. It also solidifies the company’s place in the region’s gold mining industry and hints at its robust strategies for the future. Targeting the large scale gold resources of the Reefton Hard Rock Source and the strategic asset of Murray Creek has placed RUA in a stronger position, equipped to meet the growing demands of the global gold market.

In the exploration and mining industry, decisions made today can impact the course of business for many years to come. And in the case of RUA, these decisions seem to herald a future filled with golden opportunities.

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